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Helpful Disputes & Litigation Guides

Disputes & Litigation

Full Inheritance Dispute Guide

Dividing a loved one’s estate can be challenging and emotional for all parties involved.

Disputes & Litigation, Probate, Wills

Mistakes In Wills | Kew Law

Creating and keeping a will up-to-date may not be on the top of people’s priorities but having an effective will in place is a crucial step towards securing the future for your loved ones. .

Disputes & Litigation, Probate

What To Do If A Personal Representative Is Not Fulfilling Their Duty?

Do you know a personal representative not fulfilling their duty? Well, legislation allows the removal of a personal representative before and/or after a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration has been issued. .

Disputes & Litigation

Challenging or Issuing a Warning Against a Caveat

A Caveat is a notice entered against a deceased person’s estate which places a stop on a grant of representation being issued by the Probate Registry whilst the Caveat remains in place.  .

Disputes & Litigation

Overriding Objective | Litigation Law

The purpose of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) as implemented in 1998 and reformed by the Jackson reforms in 2013 is to, inter alia, improve access to justice by making civil proceedings time-effective, cost-efficient and easier for litigants in persons to understand.  .

Disputes & Litigation

Boundary Dispute Protocol Overview

When a dispute arises between the owners and/or occupiers of either residential or commercial neighbouring properties as to the position of the adjoining boundary line, it is good practice to implement the Protocol. .

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