Fixed Fee Probate Solicitors

Our fixed fee probate service is an ideal option if you want to minimise costs, the estate is simple to administer, and you have the time and confidence to handle the administration of the estate yourself. Our specialist probate solicitors will make sure that the legal application is prepared efficiently and correctly so that you can move forward.

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An affordable fixed fee probate service

Fixed-fee pricing

Apply for Grant of Probate

Where the deceased left a will

£895 + VAT

Fixed-fee pricing

Apply for Letters of Administration

Where the deceased did not leave a will

£995 + VAT

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Meet with a solicitor and establish:
• who can apply for the grant;
• the extent of the estate and what needs attending to;
• is there anything urgent which needs to be dealt with now;
• which of our services is most suited to you.

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More information about
our fixed fee service

Our fees to obtain a Grant of Probate, or obtain Letters of Administration, include:

  • Meeting with you to take instructions.
  • Receiving details of the date of death, values for assets and liabilities, and the final account from you.
  • Preparing the Statement of Truth as necessary.
  • Sending them to you with instructions for signing the Statement.
  • Applying to the High Court Family Division Probate Registry for the Grant of Representation.
  • Dealing with Probate Registrar requisitions as appropriate.
  • Receiving the Grant and sealed official copies and reporting to you.

Extra costs not included:

There is an additional probate application fee of £300 (payable to Court), and copies of the grant cost £1.50 each.

The fixed fee excludes administering the estate and is quoted on the basis that there is no inheritance tax payable, and the executors do not need to submit a full account to HMRC. Advice on insolvent estates, estates including foreign property, and estates where the deceased was domiciled outside of the UK for tax purposes is also excluded from our fixed fee service. If it is established that any of these exclusions apply, you will be quoted for additional costs upfront at the initial consultation.

More more pricing information on our probate services click here.

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