Letters of Administration

If there is no will, an administrator must apply for a ‘Grant of Representation’ before they have any authority to deal with an estate. The administrator becomes legally responsible for meeting all legitimate claims (including tax). They are personally responsible for collecting the assets, paying all liabilities, and correctly distributing the estate.

Administering an estate can be complex, and the legal aspects may feel overwhelming at an already difficult time. Our specialist solicitors are experts at handling probate matters and can handle the process so you don’t have to.

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Who Can Apply For a Grant?

An administrator is usually a close relative, appointed in the following order of priority: spouse or civil partner; children; parents; brothers or sisters; other relatives (depending on who is entitled to the estate). If any of these people die before the deceased, their children may apply.

A grant of representation cannot be issued to someone under the age of 18. The partner of the deceased cannot apply if they were not married or in a civil partnership at the time of their death.

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to apply, contact a member of our friendly team to book a free initial consultation.

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Choosing the right probate service for you

Fixed-fee pricing, £695 plus VAT

Apply for a Grant of Representation

Ideal if you want to keep the costs at a minimum, where the estate is simple to administer, and you have the time and ability to hand the administration yourself

  • We work out if inheritance tax is payable
  • We apply for the grant of representation
  • We send the grant to you
  • We keep you updated throughout
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The Complete Service

Ideal if you do not like to handle lots of paperwork, or the estate is complex and inheritance tax is payable, and or there is potential for disputes to arise

  • No upfront fees to pay 
  • We apply for the grant
  • We administer the estate
  • We distribute to beneficiaries
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Meet with a solicitor and establish:

  • if you need to apply for a grant of representation;
  • the extent of the estate and what needs attending to;
  • if there anything urgent which you need to do now;
  • which of our services is most suited to you

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