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Creditors And Trustee Act Notices

As a personal representative (Executor or Administrator), you have many responsibilities, one such being handling any claims that are made against the deceased’s estate. .


What Is Business Property Relief And How Can I Claim This?

Business Property Relief (BPR) is a relief which can be claimed in respect of inheritance tax and reduces the value of the deceased’s taxable estate by the amount attached to the relevant business property. .

Probate, Wills

The Residence Nil Rate Band And How This Is Applied

This relief, called the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB), is an extra amount that can pass on death without any Inheritance Tax (IHT) being payable. .


What Happens If An Estate Is ‘Insolvent’?

When administering an estate, a personal representative is responsible for collecting all assets in, paying all debts / liabilities and then distributing the estate, either in accordance with a will, or the rules of intestacy. .

Disputes & Litigation, Probate, Wills

Mistakes In Wills | Kew Law

Creating and keeping a will up-to-date may not be on the top of people’s priorities but having an effective will in place is a crucial step towards securing the future for your loved ones. .


Insolvency Of Beneficiaries

An executor has a legal duty to ensure that an individual’s inheritance is paid to the right person.


Gifts Made In Contemplation Of Death/Death Bed Gifts

Sometimes referred to by lawyers as donatio mortis causa, deathbed gifts are gifts which are given by a person who believes they are facing imminent death, and which are only fully operational when they die. .

Probate, Wills

The Role And Responsibilities Of Trustees

A trustee, put simply, is appointed by a person or organisation, to look after an asset or assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. .

Disputes & Litigation, Probate

What To Do If A Personal Representative Is Not Fulfilling Their Duty?

Do you know a personal representative not fulfilling their duty? Well, legislation allows the removal of a personal representative before and/or after a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration has been issued. .

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