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All solicitors will be required from December 2018 to prominently publish price and service information on their websites, in the interests of safeguarding the interests of the consumer.  At Kew Law LLP we are working with and implementing this requirement now in order that potential clients can be sure they are making an informed choice and are obtaining a great service at a competitive cost.  Our firm has, since its inception in 2009, worked on the basis of providing our clients with clear quotations giving our best fee estimates, so we welcome this added safeguard for our clients and consumers in general.  We know that each transaction is different and “one size does not fit all”.  Please contact us in order to discuss your matter and receive a quotation.

The majority of unfair dismissal claims are charged based on the actual time which is spent on the matter.  Tribunal claims vary and owing to the individual nature of each claim and circumstances it is quite often very difficult to give a quotation. Simple tribunal matters will cost less than more complex matters. Complex unfair dismissal claims include those claims where:

  • it becomes necessary to make of defend applications to amend claims or to provide further information about an existing claim
  • the claim is against a litigant in person
  • we are required to make or defend a costs application
  • there are complex preliminary issues such as whether the claimant is disabled (if the same cannot be agreed by both parties)
  • there are a number of witnesses
  • the claim is for an automatic unfair dismissal
  • there are allegations that discrimination has been linked to the dismissal

The person dealing with or supervising your matter will be a solicitor of at least one year post qualification experience.  The hourly rate for solicitors is currently £195 + VAT per hour and all work is over seen by a partner of at least three years experience.  The partner’s current hourly rate is £250 + VAT per hour.


Here are some examples of employment fee quotes you can expect in a selection of situations:-


  1. Paul thinks he has been unfairly dismissed.  Paul would like some further information in respect of the situation and an opinion on whether his claim would be successful in a Tribunal.  Paul meets with a solicitor who confirms Paul’s next steps.  Paul considers that he is able to complete these next steps alone and does not require any further assistance.  In this situation Paul would pay for an initial consultation at a discounted cost of £150 + VAT.


  1. Paul believes he has been unfairly dismissed.  Paul sees a solicitor and would like the solicitor’s assistance in drafting an appeal to his dismissal.  The solicitor’s fee for the initial appointment will be discounted to £150 + VAT and it is likely that drafting the disciplinary appeal will take 3 hours at the hourly rate of £195 + VAT totaling £735 + VAT.


  1. Paul thinks he has been unfairly dismissed.  He attends on initial consultation and requires further assistance in taking his matter through the Tribunal systems.  Although all efforts have been made to reach a settlement prior to the Tribunal the parties cannot agree and the matter is put before a Tribunal including one  judge for a 1 day hearing.  In this situation Paul would be required to pay money on account at different points throughout the transaction as it progresses.  In total Paul is likely to pay  £10,000 + VAT in solicitor’s fees. And £3,000-£5,000 + VAT in barristers fees.


  1. Paul think he has been unfairly dismissed. He attends an initial consultation. At the consultation it transpires that the claim Paul has against his employer has a number of elements which complicate matters including a claim for discrimination. Paul decides that he would like further assistance in respect of taking his claim to a Tribunal. Although all efforts are made to reach a settlement prior to the Tribunal the parties account agree and the matter is put before a Tribunal for a 3 days hearing. In this situation Paul would be required to pay money on account at different points throughout the transaction as it progresses. In total Paul is likely to pay £15,000 + VAT in solicitor’s fees and £5000-£7000 + Vat in barristers fees.


As you can see each transaction is very different and the complex nature of the each situation will determine the overall cost of the transaction.  Our solicitors are always happy to discuss these matters with clients over the phone prior to booking an initial meeting and telephone us on 0800 987 8156 in order to talk to one of our solicitors.

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