Professional discipline solicitors for HR grievances and disciplinaries

Grievance and disciplinary processes vary from organisation to organisation. It’s important for employers and employees to know what formal procedures are in place and to understand their legal rights. Whatever the format, our disciplinary solicitors provide specialist guidance and support. We can discuss what to expect at a disciplinary meeting, advise you on what evidence to provide, and assist with drafting an appeal.

Our approach is personal and adaptable, meaning we tailor our services according to your needs and desired outcomes.

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Our Grievance and Disciplinary Solicitors in Essex

We know this will be a distressing experience, but you are not facing it alone. With Kew Law, you’ll have trained experts on your side.

We always aim to resolve workplace disciplinary and grievance issues through mediation without the resorting to more formal resolutions. When this is not possible, our specialists will prepare you for your hearing and advise you on any appeal. If the matter cannot be resolved, we will assist with your tribunal claim and support you through every stage of the process.

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Our experienced solicitors will be in your corner throughout your grievance and disciplinary proceedings.

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