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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is chosen and appointed by someone who has mental capacity. Once an individual has lost mental capacity, they can no longer appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney to act on their behalf. Without LPA in place, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating for family members to make decisions their loved ones can no longer make for themselves.

In such circumstances, you can apply to the Court of Protection to appoint you as a Deputy. This will give you the legal authority to act in your loved one’s best interest and manage their affairs. Our lawyers will help you with your deputyship application.

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Simple & easy deputyship application process

Applying to become a Deputy can be a complex and intimidating process. Our experienced solicitors are here to make things as straightforward as possible and ensure everything progresses smoothly. We can support you through the application process or, if you’d prefer, can apply on your behalf. Our solicitors can also act as a professional Deputy on behalf of the person who lacks capacity. Whatever you decide, our friendly team are here to assist and help you move forward.

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An affordable fixed fee service

Fixed-fee pricing

Apply for a
Court of Protection Order

£950 + VAT See our Pricing

With our fixed fee service we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the application
  • Prepare the documentation
  • Assist you in arranging a capacity assessment
  • Make the application to the Court
  • Keep you updated throughout

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1 hr appointment worth up to £260 + VAT

Meet with a solicitor and establish:

  • who can apply for the deputyship order;
  • which order you need to apply for;
  • is there anything urgent which can to be dealt with now;
  • next steps.
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There are two types of Deputies:

Property and Financial Affairs Deputy

A Property and Financial Affairs Deputy may be able to:

  • sell a person’s residence to pay for care home fees
  • manage a person’s bank account(s)
  • ensure the person is receiving all the funding and benefits he or she is entitled to
  • pay household bills or other expenditures.
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Personal Welfare Deputy

A Personal Welfare Deputy may be empowered to:

  • decide on important medical treatment the person receives
  • decide where the person resides
  • choose how the individual is looked after.
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